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Big Data, Business Intelligence

Big Data, Business Intelligence

Big Data, Business Intelligence

Hiring companies: enhance the quality of your Big Data and Analytics recruitment

Are you hiring for a highly specialised role? For instance are you hiring for an Analytics specialist with a background in your specific sector, who can travel, with cross technology and foreign language skills?


For this type of requirement, our network and area of specialisation will make all the difference. Once we have carried out an in-depth analysis of your needs, we will provide you with a qualified candidate short list.


Candidates: We bring you the best Big Data & Analytics job offers

For many organisations, Big Data & Analytics are powerful strategic business tools. These are the types of companies we partner with, and as trust us regularly with their recruitment needs, we get to know them very well. This also allows us to be the first to bring you the best job offers on the Big Data, Analytics & Business intelligence markets.


Our Consultants: Big Data, Analytics and Business Intelligence market specialists

Our specialisation within the Big Data, Analytics and Business Intelligence space is what makes us the go-to recruitment firm for our customers and candidates alike.



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Elitegroup Recruitment est un cabinet de recherche et de sélection de profils IT multidisciplinaires basé à Londres et Newcastle.